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New Romance Books for Quarantine

The term quarantine is used interchangeably with isolation for a reason. Being forced to stay inside all the time can make anyone feel lonely, especially for many teenagers who are accustomed to spending most of their day around other people. Having activities to take your mind off the current situation is really important and right now is an especially great time to treat yourself that little bit more, whether that’s having a long bath, baking a cake or putting on a face mask. Personally, one of my favourite things to do in quarantine is read (what a surprise). Like many others, recently I have been looking for escapism in the books I read and what better genre to offer that than romance? Romance is light-hearted, warm and fun and the perfect thing to read if you’re sick of worrying about quarantine. So, with that in mind, here are some of the new romance books that we can’t wait for everyone to read!

1. The Pieces of Ourselves, Maggie Harcourt, Published April 2020


The Pieces of Ourselves is the latest book by Maggie Harcourt, the queen of heart-melting romance. This story follows a girl named Flora, who had to drop out of school due to an event that led to her being diagnosed as bipolar. After the incident, Flora had started working at a hotel and life was quiet, until a man named Hal arrives at the hotel searching for answers about a missing soldier from world war one. When Flora is enlisted to help him in his research, not only does the reader get to indulge in the blossoming romance between Flora and Hal, they also get to discover the mystery of a love affair from a hundred years ago along with Flora and Hal.

This book is adorable and also touches on mental health and living with bipolar, which adds a depth that only makes this book more loveable!

2. Kiss Me, Bryson Keller, Kevin van Whye, Published 21st May 2020


Of course, a good romance book doesn’t just have to mean boy meets girl. It can also mean boy meets boy, or in this case, boy starts secretly dating another boy for a dare and accidentally falls head over heels.

Bryson Keller is the typical popular jock and a few months ago he took on a dare to date someone new every week. Anyone can ask him and he has to accept or he loses the dare. Kai is shy, quiet and in the closet about being gay. He’s never really talked to Bryson Keller until they end up in detention together and Kai decides to be the first boy to date Bryson Keller.

A story that is both open-minded and will leave you with a smile on your face, this is the perfect book to cheer you up.

3. On Midnight Beach, Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick, Published April 2020


Although I adore a warm and fuzzy romance book, the thing that made On Midnight Beach such a joy to read was the danger and adventure laced in with the romance. Set in Donegal, Ireland in 1976, this book follows a girl called Emer who lives in Carrig Cove. When one day a dolphin arrives, she starts to go and swim with it every night with her best friend and Dog, a boy that she has growing feelings for. But when the news about the dolphin starts to spread and the neighbouring town starts to interfere, tensions begin to rise between the teenagers of the two towns… and Dog is determined to protect Carrig Cove at any cost.

This has been my favourite book of the year so far and I can't recommend it to everyone enough!


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