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Books to Help Develop Emotional Intelligence

While the world can sometimes seem fixed on academic achievement, we are thrilled to see so many books being made available on emotional awareness for children.

The first part of emotional intelligence for a child is the actual awareness and understanding of their emotions. We have to understand and accept our emotions before we can control and express them. A superb way to connect and help children understand the varying feelings is with the help of books. Parents and educators; here are some books new out in 2019, we picked out a few for ages 3-7 but in all honesty, they are relevant for ages 7- 99.

Ravi’s Roar

Tom Percival

Most of the time Ravi can control his temper but, one day, he lets out the tiger within. Being a tiger is great fun at first - tigers can do ANYTHING they want! But who wants to play with a growling, roaring, noisy, wild tiger who won't share or play nicely? Ravi is about to discover something very important about expressing his feelings and making amends.

A clever and engaging book about temper tantrums, dealing with emotions and learning to express and understand your feelings. The perfect book for helping with bad days and noisy outbursts.

Jack Breaks the Beanstalk, Wake Up, Sleepy Beauty, Don’t Be Cross Goldilocks, Scared Little Red Riding Hood

Sue Nicholson and Flavia Sorrentino

New series called The Fairytale Friends brings fairytales into the modern day and features scenarios young children can relate to and learn from. Each story in this new picture book series focuses on a different fairy-tale character, a different strength or core virtue and a challenge to overcome, often with the help of their friends. Readers will enjoy spotting characters from other books and recognizing key elements of the original fairytale while enjoying the new twist. Notes and questions at the back of the book will summarize what the character has learnt and prompt further discussion while activities will provide more fairytale fun.


Corrinne Averiss and Isabelle Follath

Of course, there are also positive emotions and this book is so perfect and discussing the wonder of ‘Joy’. Emotional, funny, and uplifting, this beautiful picture book is a pure delight from start to finish. A wonderful story that is guaranteed to bring a bit of joy into everyone’s life.


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