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Jake Atlas and Why You Should Read This Series

I have just finished reading the second Jake Atlas book from the series by Rob Lloyd Jones and I am desperate to shout about it and share this amazing series with people around the world.

Jake Atlas is a troublemaker who loves treasure hunting, his family and himself have special skills and together they make a great team. The stories are about Jake and his family finding tombs and collecting emerald tablets that make a map to help Jake discover wiped out ancient civilisations. This quest is not easy though as there is a baddie who wants to make sure that the ancient history is never discovered.

This all makes for fun, eventful and exciting stories. I have read two from the series and am really enjoying them and I can’t wait for the third book to be published in April 2019.

Just so you know other books that I have enjoyed recently include; Percy Jackson series, How to Train Your Dragon series, 13 Storey Tree House Series and Julius Zebra series.

Available to buy online or at book fairs.

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