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The Wimpy Kid Blues

Diary of a wimpy kid is one of my favourite series of books ever and when I finished reading them I had no idea what to read next. It took me a long time to find something as good, but eventually I discovered these three collections which are brilliant.

How to Train Your Dragon

If you want something a little more advanced to read than diary of a wimpy kid but still with lots of pictures then How to Train Your Dragon is a good choice. It is funny and full of action and adventure. There are 12 books in the series, so it will take quite a while to get through them.

Atticus Claw

If you want something a bit more advanced than How to Train Your Dragon then you should move on to Atticus Claw. The books are exciting mysteries where the action never stops. There are seven books in total and it is especially good if you love cats.

Percy Jackson

The most advanced of these recommendations is Percy Jackson and it is also my favourite series. It is very interesting to learn about the Greek Gods in an exciting story with funny characters. If you’re looking for a fantasy-adventure, then Percy Jackson is perfect for you. There are 10 books about Percy Jackson but many more in his universe if you like reading about ancient Gods.

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