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New Year, New Books

Should my new year’s resolution really be to read more books? Probably not; however, much to the chagrin of my parents, there are simply too many new and wonderful books coming out in 2018 for me to do anything but read (I might have some time to watch the new book to movie adaptations coming out this year). Although my parents may not approve of my excessive reading habits that won’t stop me from encouraging others to be faithful book addicts and whether you are one already and you simply can’t find anything new to read or you haven’t discovered the wonders of a brilliant book yet here are some suggestions to get you started with your 2018 reading list (if it isn’t long enough already).

There’s a Dragon in Your Book

Release date: 17/05/2018

This book is perfect for the little ‘uns who are just starting to love books and are on the path to being a fully-fledged bookworm. This book does not only contain adorable dragons (setting the stage for future Lord of the Ring and Eragon fans) but also encourages children to interact with the story. Tom Fletcher and Greg Abbott have created a fantastically interactive sequel to their bestselling There's a Monster in Your Book. Children will love stroking, poking and flapping the book to make magic happen as they turn the pages. Can they help Little Dragon find a way to stop the fire and fly off on her own adventure? Great for 2 to 5 year olds.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls 2 and

Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different

Rebel Girls Release Date: 28/02/2018

Boys Who Dare to Be Different Release Date: 05/04/2018

From the creator of Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls comes not only a sequel full of even more brilliant women-inspiring girls around the world to dream bigger, aim higher and fight harder, celebrating extraordinary women from Nefertiti to Beyoncé, Rosalind Franklin to J.K. Rowling- but also a new book by a different author that is in the same style-but aimed at boys. Boys need to know that prince charmings and brave hunters are not the only role-models either. In fact, a whole lot of them out there don't identify with the idea of being a strong, independent, competitive saviour who never cries. As a boy, there is an assumption that you will conform to this stereotypical idea of masculinity, but what if you're the introvert kind, what if you prefer to pick up a book rather than a sword, what if you're very sensitive, what if you like the idea of wearing a dress?

As statistics keep showing that there is an ongoing crisis with regards to young men and mental health, with unhelpful gender stereotypes contributing to this malaise, Stories for Boys Who Dare To Be Different offers a welcome alternative narrative. It is an extraordinary compilation of 100 stories of famous and not-so-famous men from the past to the present day, every single one of them a rule-breaker and innovator in his own way, and all going on to achieve amazing things. Entries include Frank Ocean, Salvador Dali, Rimbaud, Beethoven, Barack Obama, Ai Weiwei and Jesse Owens - different sorts of heroes from all walks of life and from all over the world.

A beautiful and transporting book packed with stories of adventure and wonderment, it will appeal to those who need the courage to reject peer pressure and go against the grain. It will educate and entertain, while also encourage and inspire.

Rise: How Jeremy Corbyn Inspired the Young to Create a New Socialism

Release Date: 08/03/2018