Write Like a Ninja provides children with all the vocabulary and grammar they need to become writing ninjas, as well as a handy list of Alan Peat's exciting sentences to help children vary their writing. Following in the footsteps of Andrew Jennings' super successful Vocabulary Ninja and Comprehension Ninja books and fully aligned to the National Curriculum, this is the must-have handbook for Key Stage 2 pupils.

Pupils can take ownership of their writing with their very own toolkit of words and sentence types, covering all the requirements of the KS2 National Curriculum. From examples of metaphors, similes and superlatives to verbs, conjunctions and adjectives, this is a book that children can refer to again and again to grow their confidence and gain independence in their writing. There are suggestions for avoiding commonly-used words, and vocabulary lists for describing specific settings, like haunted houses or cities and villages, as well as characters, technology, food and drink and more.

Written by Andrew Jennings, creator of Vocabulary Ninja and Comprehension Ninja, this book will save teachers' time spent looking for resources and thinking of examples, and empower pupils to write independently, vary their language and become writing ninjas.

Write Like a Ninja: An essential toolkit for every young writer