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Ideal for learning at home, Vocabulary Ninja Workbook for Ages 9-10 encourages children to supercharge their skills and become Grand Masters of vocabulary!

Created by Andrew Jennings (@VocabularyNinja), the bestselling author of Write Like a Ninja, this fun activity book is perfect for targeted practice at home, building children's confidence and further developing those all-important literacy skills taught in the classroom. With clear activities and lots of colourful illustrations, it can be used as a fun way to get to grips with reading, writing and spelling.

This engaging vocabulary workbook:
- Features a variety of fun activities with full-colour illustrations including code-breaking games, creative writing and fill in the gap
- Helps children practise different vocabulary areas linked to the Key Stage 2 (KS2) curriculum, such as descriptive words, subject-specific terms and synonyms for overused words
- Boosts children's confidence and develops essential vocabulary knowledge
- Includes advice for parents on home learning, answers to the questions, and a downloadable certificate

Vocabulary Ninja Workbook for Ages 9-10

SKU: 9781472980991
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