Would you like to wear a toga or trousers? Would you play with a doll or dice? Would you live in a tent or tree? This fascinating picture book encourages children to make their own choices on every page. Featuring hundreds of amazing photographic objects from the British Museum and a QR code so you can find out more, Pippa Goodhart makes it irresistibly fun to choose between this or that.

"It is often suggested that the simplest ideas are the best and this brilliant book rather proves this point. It simply groups a collection of objects from the British Museum into categories and asks children to choose between them. Beads or bonnets? Sandals or slippers? Each page is brilliantly packed with images of different fascinating things, sparking curiosity and lively discussion. Expect plenty of "what's that?", "why do those shoes look funny?", "can I have those jewels?" questions and be fully prepared to answer them! This is as close as you can get to a day out to the British Museum without actually being there." - Martha Alexander,

This or That? Hardcover

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