Did you know that 3,500 people compete in the annual RoboCup soccer tournament? Or that the code that runs Google is two billions lines long? Find out why!

Perfect for budding scientists who want a highly visual robotics book to increase their STEAM smarts, DK findout! Robots is sure to inspire the next amazing school project or robotics-club activity. Inside, author Dr. Nathan Lepora breaks down what robots are and why they’re so important.

With this DK findout! book, you will:

- Discover what robots are and the amazing jobs they do, from building cars to exploring space and fixing our bodies
- See early robots from the year 1206 and find out how robotics has changed over time
- Understand how different types of robots are built and coded to perform certain tasks
- Learn about animatronics, humanoids, drones, and artificial intelligence, and peek into the future of robotics
- Hear from real-life expert Dr. Mara Matarić, robotics professor at the University of Southern California
- Fold out the cover for a robotics quiz and timeline
- and find out much, much more!



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