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'Another brilliant book that's jam-packed with top-class tips you won't want to miss.' - MC Grammar, teacher and parent
'Every classroom and every home needs this book!' - Stephanie Elliot, teacher

Maths Like a Ninja gives every child the maths support they need at their fingertips, both in the classroom and at home.

Perfect for Key Stage 2 children, aged 7 and up.

From the creator of the bestselling Write Like a Ninja, this handy pocketbook is full of key concepts, mathematical vocabulary and practical advice to support every child's growing independence in maths. Whether a child is stuck on a fractions question or struggling to remember what 'composite numbers' are, they'll find the answer in this all-in-one quick-reference tool.

This engaging, easy-to-use book is fully matched to the National Curriculum for mathematics and will ensure children can do maths with confidence. It supports teachers in planning lessons and parents in supporting from home as well as empowering Key Stage 2 children to get the help they need easily and independently.

Maths Like a Ninja: An essential maths toolkit for every child

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