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A modern and inclusive toolkit about growing up, filled with real questions from real children, answered by experts.

Everyone knows how it feels when they're asked a question by a child and haven't been sure about how to respond. It might have been:

What are belly buttons for?
What happens to me next?
Or even - do I have to kiss grandma if I don't want to?

This book is written by two experts who have delivered sex and relationships lessons in over 200 schools and have collected the best questions asked by the children that they've met.

They've created a big book of answers to help support conversations about growing up, sex, birth, sexuality, pregnancy, gender, relationships, consent, emotions, friendship, being online, puberty and more!

This book takes a modern, inclusive and non-judgemental approach to all of those difficult, funny and (sometimes) embarrassing questions in a way that facilitates honest and comfortable conversations with children.

Brilliant Questions About Growing Up: Simple Answers About Bodies and Boundaries

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