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  • Orion Lost

    If you feel lazy then watch a movie, but if you want to explore the world and looking for adventure then read Orion Lost

    Felix age 10


  • The Pear Affair

    I loved the plot, it kept me guessing right until the end. Felix age 10



  • I, Cosmo

    This is a heartwarming story of a bond that can never be broken. My favourite book of 2020 so far. Felix age 10


  • Moonrise

    An incredible YA book. A poignant story that asks very important questions about society. Juliet


  • Foul is Fair

    A rebellious amd revengeful feminist story, perfect YA read. Juliet


  • The Worst Witch

    From Sebastien age 9


  • Concentr8

    Fast paced book that follows the story of 5 kids after they have kidnapped a governement worker. An enthralling YA read. Juliet


  • Percy Jackson

    Percy Jackson is a demigo. The son of Poseidon and is accused of stealing Zeus's master bolt. I loved this adventourous book and all in this series. William age 12


  • The Highland Falcon Thief

    I really enjoyed this book as the characters came alive in my head. This is a first class adventure mystery. There are two simultaneous stories in the book that are both filled with detail and suspense that makes this an absolute page turner. Five Stars.


  • Fire Boy

    ‘I enjoyed Fire Boy because it is a story filled with adventure, friendships and funny incidents.


    A boy called Aidan has a package delivered labelled ‘Top Secret’ and containing a packet of sweets, he and his two friends decide to eat a sweet each. The next day they each wake up with magical powers. They try to keep these powers a secret and try to protect the sweets from being stolen and used for evil.


    8-12 year olds who love humour and adventure will like this book.’


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