Chief Bookworm

Ophelia Gartside

Hello, my name is Ophelia and I adore books. One of my  favourite places to be is in my office next to my stock room of books. I am married to a lovely supportive husband, have two wonderful children, who share my passion for books, and a crazy Cocker Spaniel.


I used to work in corporate procurement, which I left when we moved to Germany in 2011. I am half English and half French and grew up in Spain. I have lived in England, France and Germany before making my home in Luxembourg.


Chief Story-Teller 

Victoria Hodgson

Hello, my name is Victoria and I have always enjoyed reading. In fact I used to get into trouble for reading when I was supposed to be getting ready for school, doing my homework, doing a music practice, getting ready for bed..... going to bed, you get the picture! Every Saturday, when I was old enough, I would head to the local library and pick 4 books and devour them over the week. This passion for books has continued and I have worked in a University library, a public library and a secondary school library.

I’m a mum of 2 boys, one of whom disappears for hours to read and the other loves to sit and look at stories. We also have a cat and several chickens, none of them are interested in books other than to sit on them!

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Chief Book Tester

Juliet Gartside

Hi, my name is Juliet and I’m a teen living in Luxembourg. I have previously lived in Germany as well but I was born in England. I go to school  where I am forced to learn maths (yuck). I love reading, writing and my dog Matilda, however I don’t like taking Matilda out on walks in wet weather, or any weather really. I would rather be at home but then I’d most likely have to do my maths homework, so I’m probably just going to hide away with a book (and Matilda).

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Chief Curator

Sophia Miles

Hi my name is Sophia and I'm a bibliophile; in other words, I adore books.
I spent my university years and beyond working in bookshops in the UK, before making the leap into publishing. It was a fast-paced and exciting industry, but it did nothing to cure my book addiction - my collection took up half our removal van when we relocated!
I am half British half Dutch and live in Luxembourg with my lovely other half, two children, two dogs and three cats - there is never a dull moment.
Over and above reading anything I can get my hands on, I also write in my spare time. I prefer to call myself a writer because, in the words of Patrick Ness: 'real writers don't write, they write anyway'.

Little English Bookworm

Ophelia Gartside

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