Studying Outside

In-Person English Lessons

Individual and Small Group

We are able to provide face-to-face English lessons to individuals or small groups in the Darmstadt, Heidelberg area.

Distance Learning

Online English Lessons

Online Private Individual Lessons

 Tailored to meet the needs of your child. Bespoke teaching to help children feel confident in English.

Holding Books

School Book Selection Boxes

Curated book selection boxes left in your school for you to browse and choose the perfect books to add to your library or classroom. We collect the ones you don't want to keep.

Girl Reading and Laughing

Reading for Pleasure

Practical help and suggestions to get children reading for pleasure. Individual and group assistance available.

Gift Bundles

Volume Book Orders

If you are looking to buy multiple copies of books or have a budget to organise a substantial book purchase then talk to us about our school discount rates.